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Private Audition Preparation and Mentoring :


I offer professional coaching for auditions on stage, TV and film. I also prepare my students for the technical and emotional demands they will experience on a daily basis as they enter the acting profession.


I entered the profession myself as a youngster, playing Annie at 12 and turning professional at 18 when I joined the cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's West End musical, Starlight Express.


I have worked as an actress opposite children in several high profile TV shows, including Jack of Hearts for the BBC, The Giblet Boys for CITV and several years as children's nurse Keri McGrath in Holby City. I have experienced first hand what it takes to remain healthy and succeed in the industry and imparting this to my students is a very big part of what I offer in terms of 'preparation'. In my experience, being able to act is only the beginning!

I cover everything from what to wear, how to walk in the room, how to hold the script, dialects, breaking down your script, emotional connection and understanding, voice work and physical awareness. I also make it my mission to instil confidence and self belief alongside a positive but realistic mindset.



The more you know and the better prepared you are, the fewer surprises and unknown's you encounter...the better you will perform!  I know, because I've been there. : )

Below is a letter from one of my lovely former student.s                                        For more info on classes contact me direct

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