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A British actress, classically trained at the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theater School,  Anna is a US citizen and works regularly in Los Angeles and the UK.

Spanning over twenty years, her career includes starring roles in award winning television, theater and radio.


Including the lead in the BAFTA winning television series The Giblet Boys.


The lead opposite Keith Allen in the series Jack of Hearts for BBC prime time.


Two years as a regular lead character in the BBC’s hit hospital drama Holby City.


Work in the USA includes, theatre with The Columbine Project, the horror movie The Possesion of Michael King and on television, the ever popular Glee for Fox Network. 

In November 2018 Anna was busy avoiding evil forces during the shoot for the psychological horror Ghost in The Machine, produced by Gladys San Juan and directed by (an old friend) Craig Griffiths.

In 2016 Anna won the Van Gogh Award for Best Romance 2016 in The Masterful Hermit, alongside Charlotte Ritchie at the Amersterdam Film Festival.

Anna can be seen in two web series, the comedic parody Poop Notice and the darkly unique PROGRESS

The feature film ALMOST BROADWAY shot in LA in 2014 was released and distributed in 2017 by Green Apple Entertainment US under the new title BLACKMAIL.

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